[Support request] All Data not showing up in field on Agent View

  • June 24, 2020 at 8:12 pm #6006

    osTicket v1.14.2 // osTicket-1.14.2-Awesome-102
    PHP 7.2.30 // MySQL 5.6.47 // Apache web server

    I’ve got an issue on a ticket when a user submitted 3 links in one of the fields, only one link shows up on the agent view.  If you click to edit the original ticket you see all three links.  I can’t figure out how to make it all show up on the agent’s end so they won’t have to go edit the original ticket to make sure they see all of the data.

    Here is a screenshot of the agent view:

    Here is a screen shot when you click the option in the upper right corner to edit the original ticket:

    As you can see the bottom two links don’t show on the agent view.  My initial thought was he needed to click the pencil icon under the first link that that icon means there is more information and if he clicks that link he will see all of it, however, you click the pencil nothing happens.

    I was one revision of OSTicket Awesome behind so I updated to the latest version thinking it might fix the issue, but the issue was still there so I decided to post a potential bug report to see if this is in fact a bug or if we are doing something wrong.  I’ve tried it in Safari and on Microsoft Edge with the same results in both browsers. All of our media team that uses OSTicket for requests is all mac.

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