osTicket Awesome for osTicket 1.11 (Revision 2) Released

stevland Release

This version of osTicket Awesome is ONLY for osTicket v1.11!

You can download osTicket v1.11 from here:

See the osTicket 1.11 release notes and download it from here.

Revision: 102
Released: 2019-04-30

– fix: tool tips missing from Staff portal
– fix: loading overlay to prevent duplicate ticket submissions missing from Client and Staff portals
– fix: loading message/ icon on popup dialogs in Staff portal
– fix: ticket queue numbers not displaying properly in Staff navigation
– fix: image logo width on Staff login page
– fix: image logo width on Staff and Client header
– fix: responsvie layout of Open Ticket page
– fix: agent name missing from mobile navigation
– new: support for English (United Kingdom) language pack
– new: integrate ticket queues into mobile navigation

Download osTicket-1.11-Awesome-102 here.