osTicket Awesome works with these versions of osTicket:

  • v.1.12
  • v.1.11
  • v.1.10.6

There are also older versions available for these osTicket releases:

  • v.1.10.5
  • v.1.10.4
  • v.1.10.2
  • v.1.10.1
  • v.1.10
  • v.1.9.12

You need to already be running or be prepared to update to one of these versions in order to take advantage of osTicket Awesome.

(If you’re looking at osTicket for the first time, start here).

Your purchase gives you access to all currently available versions of osTicket Awesome, any new versions and all updates for a period of two years.

After your license expires you may wish to renew it. But even if you don’t renew, your installation will continue to work indefinitely.

Every major web browser is supported, including:

  Google Chrome
  Mozilla Firefox
  Microsoft Edge*

*Some features, including color themes, will not function in Microsoft Edge unless the latest version (v.41) is used.

The color themes can be found here:

Staff > Admin Panel > Themes.

When you switch to a new color theme it changes both the Staff and the Client areas.

You can also add your company name and change the “Support Ticket Center” text on the Themes page.

You can also change the text and the link that appears at the bottom of the Mobile Menu on mobile devices. 

All of these settings affect both the Client and the Staff areas.

Yes you can.

You should have a look at these tips on how to best integrate your company logo into osTicket Awesome.

To remove the osTicket and osTicket Awesome logos, simply add the following to /osta/user-styles.css:
#footer #osticket a,
#footer #ostawesome a {
    display: none !important;
Yes. In fact, it comes most of the officially-supported languages pre-installed, including:

العربية (Arabic)
Català (Catalan)
中文 (中国) (Chinese)
dansk (Danish)
Deutsch (German)
Ελληνικά (Greek)
español (Spanish)
français (French)
italiano (Italian)
Indonesia (Indonesian)
日本語 (Japanese)
монгол (Mongolian)
Nederlands (Dutch)
norsk (Norwegian)
polski (Polish)
Português (Portuguese)
svenska (Swedish)
русский язык (Russian)
ไทย (Thai)

Installing osTicket Awesome is easy. Complete instructions are included on the Download page (which is accessible after purchase).

The only thing that is required is an FTP program (such as the free FileZilla) and the credentials you use to connect to your web server.

If you installed osTicket, you’ll find the upgrade to osTicket Awesome much simpler.

Yes! osTicket Awesome is guaranteed to work on any screen with a width of 295px or more. It will even look great on your mom’s iPhone 4. ;)

If you do run into a glitch, please report it.

Yes. Although one of our users reported having trouble uploading his osTicket Awesome installation using the File Manager.

If you run into trouble while installing, try using an FTP program (such as the free FileZilla) to copy the files over.

No. You can pay using your credit card without creating a PayPal account.

If you already have a PayPal account, however, you have the additional option of paying directly from your linked bank account.

Probably not.

A single license entitles the holder to use the osTicket Awesome themed-files within one live osTicket installation and one testing installation, for use within one organization.

This is more than adequate in most situations, unless your organization uses more than one Support Ticket System.

Please submit your idea on the Feature Request page so that everyone can vote for it.
You can use both your osTicket installation and osTicket Awesome simultaneously. Any changes you make in one are reflected in the other. Also, osTicket Awesome never makes changes to your database. Therefore, there is absolutely no risk whatsoever.

If you have your own modifications to the osTicket code, here is a tip to help you identify and copy your code over to a new installation or upgrade.

Yes. I am happy to help you install the theme for a flat rate of $70 USD, payable through PayPal. This is adequate in most situations, but if you have atypical requirements and/or your own deep customizations, I am happy to provide additional support at $70 USD /hr.
I am happy to customize the theme for you so that it matches the look and feel of your existing website. This additional support is $70 USD /hr.

Keep in mind, however, that if you upgrade osTicket and/or osTicket Awesome you will lose your customizations.

Therefore, you should consider the trade-off. You may chose to have your osTicket Awesome installation customized knowing that you will avoid upgrading osTicket / osTicket Awesome for a few years (until a really compelling new feature becomes available).