osTicket Awesome for osTicket 1.12 (Revision 4) Released

stevland Release


This version of osTicket Awesome is ONLY for osTicket v1.12!

See the osTicket 1.12 release notes and download it from here.

osTicket Awesome

Revision: 104
Released: 2019-06-02

– NEW: redesigned Staff “new reply” icon (yet again) plus tooltip notification
– NEW: styled list checkboxes
– NEW: added Tasks submenu items to Staff mobile menu
– new: replace “Ticket” with “#” in ticket list heading
– new: added hyperlinked checkmark in the head of all list tables to toggle “select all” checkboxes
– new: fine-tune priority color hover appearance
– new: found a few instances where osTicket wasn’t translating words and corrected
– new: improved styling for Client “Sign In” button
– FIX: footer disappearing, modals not working after automatic ticket page refresh
– fix: Client portal > hide “Other Resources” element if empty
– fix: Client portal > “Search Our Knowledge Base” button color static (looked bad with some color combinations)
– fix: CSS translations for Client and Staff mobile ticket lists
– fix: removed tooltip.css from loading as values were previously integrated into staff-desktop.css
– fix: retooled Client portal language flags show/hide toggle so less jumpy
– fix: mobile menu and hamburger button become decoupled

Download osTicket-1.12-Awesome-104 here.