osTicket Awesome for osTicket 1.12 (Revision 5) Released

stevland Release


This version of osTicket Awesome is ONLY for osTicket v1.12!

See the osTicket 1.12 release notes and download it from here.

osTicket Awesome

Revision: 105
Released: 2019-07-03

– new: scroll to top button when page height > 600px
– new: user-scripts.js: add your custom javascript or jQuery here
– new: Theme Information > download link if new version available
– new: thread count tooltip
– fix: hide mobile menu < 600px
– fix: mobile table list rows highlight
– fix: when table viewed in desktop layout, then resized to mobile, then back to desktop layout becomes mangled
– fix: names in User Directory have unintended border when viewed in Safari
– fix: custom text not displaying on Staff login page
– fix: ticket thread options menu not visible
– fix: moved functions.php
– fix: Settings > Admin Panel > Company > Site Pages tab icon missing
– fix: Tasks > More > icons missing
– fix: mobile Tasks, Users and Organizations not highlighting when selected
– fix: Dashboard > Ticket Activity tab icons
– fix: mobile Tasks padding
– fix: Client landing page Search button not translating
– fix: Staff interface freezes when nothing selected and Delete button clicked
– fix: “Cool” color theme updated
– fix: added more Langing Page translations
– fix: Client Portal RTL support improvements
– fix: unintended quotation marks in translated Client Portal login instructions
– fix: Staff ticket list > truncated subject lines have anchor tags stipped out
– fix: Staff ticket list > sticky bar width
– fix: Client Portal > Open: required fields do not display red border-right in Safari
– fix: Staff login background: solid color not overriding image when enabled
– fix: Staff: Brown theme > Sticky bar background color
– fix: Ticket-thread opacity of messages breaks z-index of entry-dropdown
– fix: Staff > ticket thread drop-down menus padding skewed
– fix: improved icons for Tickets, Add Ticket, Tasks and Add Task
– fix: Client Portal > Search showing when Knowledgebase disabled
– fix: Client Portal > Search showing twice on Landing Page

Download osTicket-1.12-Awesome-105 here.