osTicket Awesome for osTicket 1.14.2 (Revision 1) Released

stevland Release


This version of osTicket Awesome is ONLY for osTicket v1.14.2!

See the osTicket 1.14.2 release notes here.


osTicket Awesome

Revision: 101
Released: 2020-05-15

– Initial release

– Staff: Ticket Queue > clicking on overdue icon creates unintended popup
– Staff: Audit Log plugin now supported
– Staff: header layout fixes for German and Greek langauages with long words
– Staff: Merge, Link, Transer, Delete buttons and tooltip styles and layout fixed.
– Staff: Ticket View > Merged Ticket > styling of Parent or Child status indicator
– Staff: Ticket View > Merged Ticket > add icon to Ticket Relations Tab


Download osTicket-1.14.2-Awesome-101 here.