[Support request] Installation Issue Moving & Deleting – Directory Folder Permissions

    • June 11, 2024 at 12:47 pm #20593
      Richard Swaffer

      I’m a newbie to OS ticket. but a very seasoned Unix guy. 

      I just installed OSTicketAwesome yesterday and had a couple of issues.

      I followed the instructions carefully, but when I tried to MOVE the files from upload to the root directory of the support system, I could not.  I had to COPY them.

      Once I moved the UPLOAD files to the trash could I empty the trash.

      I found out that all the file folders are marked 555 (read only for all) in UNIX making them unmoveable and when moved to trash undeletable.

      I was able to get a terminal login on my WP farm and went into .trash and did a “chmod -R 755 ** and all is well


      MY SUGGESTION is mark all file folders 755 and your instructions will work correctly and easier for rookie users to MOVE and DELETE the files.

      Great app so far… my 2 c.



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