Mobile ticket / task list: sorting and customizing

    • June 4, 2019 at 5:22 am #4540


      First, I want to say that I appreciate the new way of presenting tickets and tasks in mobile version of osTicketAwesome. I still miss the translation for column headings, but that’s another story. However, nice work, thank you!

      My Suggestions are:

      1. a possibility to sort these lists by columns and a possibility to change ‘predefined’ sorting. Now they are always sorted by default sorting (which cannot be changed mobile). In destop mode, you can sort by column by clicking the small icon next to each column heading and you can change the sorting by a predefined combination of colums (I call it ‘predefined’ sorting).
      2. it would be extremely helpful if one could customize ticket pages for mobile usage. Background: we use 11 columns for all ticket lists (because we have space in desktop version). When using osTicket mobile, space becomes more valuable (now, because you changed the presentation so that there are also all 11 columns shown). At the moment, one can only see less than two tickets at once (depending on device height). So if we’d be able to, for example, manually disable columns for mobile view it would already help a lot. Maybe it’s possible to add a new criteria / property for column criteria (that JSON stuff each queue_column can have), like <br />
        screen-min-width IS < 900px => property show_column = false<br />
        I would say that it’s not necessary to have a full UI for customizing mobile lists, but just a possibily to turn things on / off. <br />

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