[Resolved] Scroll to top icon no longer available?

  • August 1, 2020 at 12:39 pm #6168

    Hey Stevland

    I’m running the latest OSticket/OSticket Awesome build: osTicket v1.14.2 // osTicket-1.14.2-Awesome-103 // PHP 7.1.8 // MySQL 10.1.26 // Apache/2.4.27 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.2l PHP/7.1.8 web server

    Since i upgraded I no longer see the “Scroll to Top icon”  on any open or closed tickets. A lot of our tickets are multipage and having to scroll back up manually is going to be a real pain.  The scroll to top icon option is turned on in the Admin panel\theme menu.  This is a pretty important feature we got used to so can you provide any suggestions? 

    ** Also I’m not sure if anyone else has suggested this…but is there some way to include a next ticket/previous ticket scroll icon?  Going from ticket to ticket. Hitting the browser back button to get to the main screen in order to get to the next ticket is tedious** 

    FYI – Browser Cache already cleared.




  • August 3, 2020 at 3:09 pm #6171

    Hi @thedarkguver

    We recently discovered that our code is not working as intended on servers that, for whatever reason, have short_open_tag turned off in the PHP config.

    Please open /include/staff/header.inc.php and change lines 114 and 115 


    let desktopScrollOption=<?echo $custom["scroll-to-top-option"] !="true" || $custom["desktop-scroll-option"]!="true"?"false":"true"?>;
    let mobileScrollOption=<?echo $custom["scroll-to-top-option"] !="true" || $custom["mobile-scroll-option"]!="true"?"false":"true"?>;


    let desktopScrollOption=<?php echo $custom["scroll-to-top-option"] !="true" || $custom["desktop-scroll-option"]!="true"?"false":"true"?>;
    let mobileScrollOption=<?php echo $custom["scroll-to-top-option"] !="true" || $custom["mobile-scroll-option"]!="true"?"false":"true"?>;

    Sorry for the trouble, and thank you for your report.

    Previous/ next ticket buttons would require a significant modification of osTicket’s core code — something that we try to avoid. But it would be useful and it is something that we do think about.

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